Frenchie prewash cycle 

​We are incredibly useful around the house!

To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Chomps McGee


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws McFarland


Frenchies are like potato chips - hard to stop at just one.

- Yours truly, Mr. Henri 

My Favorite Quotes

Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process. I alone am responsible for ensuring they get their daily walks.  I never know when they might dare to run errands without me to protect them, or eat food without first using my keen nose to inspect it. They never acknowledge that a mere drizzle of my drool adds so much flavor. I feel that it’s wrong to keep such deliciousness to myself.


Will my humans care for me with the same level of commitment and love on that rare occasion when I am naughty? Of course they will. Look at this face. What’s not to love?

I,  (like Mary Poppins) am "PPIEW" (practically perfect in every way) and have an incredible physic, awesome personality and "over the top" pedigree all wrapped up in a mere  20.5 pound package!  What's not to love?????????????????

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 Below are some of my BFF's in action........this is why they sometimes refer to us as "Clown dogs"

Did I mention that I am available for STUD SERVICES for select lovely ladies?

Note: Henri's bloodlines include:  Cox, Daystar and Honeybul -- he is literaly a member of "The Royal Family of Frenchies" - hence the "Ego!"


Rock House Frenchie's Little Miss "Briella" is also out of AKC Champ Lawson's Right on  Target


Frenchie on patrol

Sleep secure knowing you are being protected....

Some of Henri's Favorite things:

Morning Siesta at the Rock House!

Frenchie Slumber Party

A Word from Henri....

BTW Henri is available for French Bulldog Stud Services

for select ladies - call for details.........................................

Latte Brioche - anticipating a litter with Henri early July 2016 - these kidz should be literally "over the top!"

Rock House Frenchies "Tango" - her father was AKC Champ Lawson's Right on Target

Paloma with Henri' puppy  :)

Henri' Grandpups - from "Meatball"

Rock House Frenchie's Saphire